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Meter rates for Waukegan

Rate 1                                     $2.00 upon hire  $2.40 per mile
Rate 2                                     None
Rate 3                                     None
Waiting time                           $0.40 each minute
Additional Passengers 
            $1.00 per person over 12
Tolls                                        Extra charge
Fuel Surcharge                        None

O'hare, Midway, Mitchell, Chicago Loop Flat Rates

Waukegan to/from O'hare $53
Waukegan to/from Midway $95
Waukegan to/from Mitchell Field $78
Waukegan to/from Chicago Loop $95

No Chicago to Chicago rides. No Waukegan to Waukegan rides. We are a suburban taxicab company. O'hare and Midway airports are both within Chicago city limits. If you need a transfer between O'hare and Midway airports you must use a licensed City of Chicago taxicab. At O'hare they line up in the first lane closest to the building on the lower level. The suburban cabs pick up in the middle lane. Note: Chicago taxicabs charge meter plus 1/2 for all rides that leave the city limits. We offer flat rates that are much lower.

The City of Chicago charges an airport departure tax of $4.00 per pickup for the suburban taxicabs. This tax will be added to all rides from O'hare or Midway airport only

We accept all major credit cards

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